Don’t forget to play

I’ve been trying to work in systems of design for interfaces on products I’ve been a part of for the last five years. I’ve been trying to get my grid systems perfect. I’ve been trying to upkeep my css and learn the gits. I’ve been trying to figure out how to make a delightful experience while designing and building at light speed, iteratively in a product so that we can test our ideas and speed up the process to product market fit. Sound familiar?

Today I stumbled on a long forgotten switch. I flicked it, and off went all the competing voices. For two hours I worked on a design that I want excite new members at Assembly to share their ideas for products. I want this to be a place where people remember to dream and wonder what humans together can do with technology and design.

The very beginning of a work in progress for Assembly, this is fun.

Hey Matthew, don’t forget to play. Don’t forget to throw out all the competing needs and find the heartbeat that pumps beneath the business — it might just be what makes the business take off.

Matthew Smith Dec 9, 2014