Case Study


Getting food to front doors — lickety-split, easy as pie

"We’ve got the best features of any restaurant delivery service out there — hands down."

It’s true. DataDreamers has a pretty mind-blowing set of features and they consistently beat out the competion with their restaurant delivery CMS. We all felt it was time their marketing site matched up — magic for magic.

They told us their wild dreams and we listened.

They talked about data, clouds, and delivery — the origin story and who the company imagined itself to be. What emerged was a super powerful system with a fun, kindhearted team behind it. We sensed magic, and so out of that we built a spunky brand on the sparks of their imagination.

Plan ahead. Design for growth.

We loved that the DataDreamers system is designed for scalability and we know how important it is to design for a company to grow. DataDreamers customers had some confusion about the product line and what they were getting with the software. We knew the new site needed to tell a compelling story clearly. So we got to work on organizing principles and components we could use throughout the site design. This structure brings clarity to the design ahead.

How to show the value?

One time a good friend of ours said, "Don't tell me you're funny, tell me a joke." It's a great reminder to show more than tell. It's all very well and good to tell people your product is valuable, but if you want them to take the plunge, you have to show them it's worth it. So, we built a snazzy calculator to give DataDreamers customers an up-front understanding of the affordabillity of such a high value product for their restaurant delivery business.

Beauty in simplicity.

Less is more — at least in a mobile responsive experience. We delivered on a site that loads fast with the highest quality content regardless of device. We believe in building messaging that works no matter where you see it.

If it ain't broke, it can still be fixed.

DataDreamers had a customer site that worked just fine. But since when is fine good enough?! We loved dreaming with the owner, Ryan, about what the customer site could be. It was great to hear Ryan's skepticism that anything could be better than what he had already, and it wasn't bad.

But that spurred us on to bring the brand to life and the give the site wings. We simplified and cut. We redefined and reorganized. We wrote new words and enhanced old ones. We built a design language and a brand family. We came up with a whole new browsing system for smart sorting to get a customer to their favorite food group fast. Yep, and we pushed for great photography to make sure the mobile experience was mouth-wateringly good looking.

Just feed me and get out of my way!

Hungry bellies want food without a hassle. With so many factors affecting decision-making, it's too easy to get lost in the screen. We curated the customer's mobile experience to help that choice along, making it easy to prioritize and get dinner on the table.

From sales lead to loyal customer.

Our team of marketing automation experts helped plan and execute a custom integration with Intercom, making the free trial signup and onboarding process a seamless brand experience. From automatically generating credentials to behavior-based triggers for customized onboarding pathways, we ensured that every interested lead had the clearest possible path to a delightful and educational first experience with the product.

There is no I in team.

We're always so lucky when we get to work with our friends. This project was designed and built by a league of extraordinary peeps. Thank you A Vital Few for your tireless partnership in brand execution. Thank you Nicer Studio for your constant attention to detail in development. Cate , your words speak for themselves. We love working with you all. We are Fathom & Draft.


We reimagined the DataDreamers brand, overhauled the information architecture, provided web design, user research, and development.
What we did
  • Branding
  • Photography
  • User Research
  • Information Architecture
  • Web Design
  • Development