Verse Three

Design as Connection

Design shows customers you care. It clears a path through the wilderness of the web and provides the opportunity to engage, to connect, to build trust.

The web is a wilderness. It’s vast and incredible, terrifying and massive, fantastic and brimming with opportunity. Taming the wild and giving a traveler a place in the wild to connect, find some familiarity, this is one of the great jobs of design on the web.

Design makes connection vital. Brand personalities, roaming ideas, colliding conflicts, and generative communities living and breathing through interaction and transaction. It takes it from chaotic encounter into refined relationship.

Design builds bridges between brand and customer. Design takes a transaction and evolves it into trust when a customer experiences a problem. Through interface, operation, and service the customer’s experience is repaired with empathy and correction. This interplay is at the heart of connection, where there is valuable connection, there is the potential for business.

Design is uniting. It brings users together. Facebook Messenger has a golden waving hand as an icebreaker making warm an otherwise cold interaction. Medium lets us clap to cheer on authors and thank them for their work. Design tears down obstacles, removing the bramble of flat communication and clearing the way for engaging connection.