Case Study

Conscious Patterns

Finding the right naturopathic health guru should be simple and stress-free

A wealth of information - inventing through design

If you’ve ever had to find your way to health and wellness in the wilderness of modern life and technology, you know what a pain in the ass it can be. Where can we turn for authentic connection in healthcare? We’ve tried everything to heal, what do we do now? Conscious Patterns is your guide, your light in the darkness. It’s a focal point for naturopathic health information and community. It’s a place for inclusivity, for harmony, for discovery. We were thrilled to design the first pass.

Kaboom! The sound ideas make coming to life.

Conscious Patterns as a company came to us with heaps of ideas. Every last one was interesting. We’ve learned through our experience leading product teams that it’s incredibly important to say “no,” and dial in on what’s best. Our great client had a base of heavy rules, and they were light on implementation, emotion, and cohesion with customer life. We saw the possibilities, and we jumped with excitement. We love when we get to have deep empathy with the work we do, to design for products that could serve us and our families. We brought the brand into being on the skeleton of their concepts. We helped them invent themselves by finding the narrative for their initial brand and strategizing their online experience.

From zero to concept!

Along with Conscious Patterns’ founder we worked to create a credible, reliable face to organic wellness. A face that was holistic, natural, and personal. Our work included content mapping, wireframing, initial brand creation, and website design concepts.


Conscious Patterns is a Naturopathic Health start-up based in Tribeca, NYC. We rocked the initial brand and mark. We followed up by developing the information architecture for the first iteration of the Conscious Patterns website and applied the new brand through website design.

What we did
  • Branding
  • Information Architecture
  • User Experience Strategy
  • Website Design