Verse Six

Design as Curation

Design lightens our mental load by helping us make choices. It curates our options to deliver on the promise of the brand.

Design shows us our options. Choices are hard. The more options we have, the harder it is to choose. Decision fatigue is a thing. Even trying to come up with ecommerce search terms can lead to cognitive overload. Design helps us choose. It curates our options. It whittles the choices down, lightens our mental load. Design clarifies our options, it makes our choices efficient and enjoyable.

Design curates. You don’t always have to start from scratch. Design isn’t always about making something new. Sometimes, a business needs design to make sense of what’s already there—to re-mold the clay, to cut out all the fluff. Making strong, trustworthy choices through design is an incredible value for business and for brand.

Design knows good taste. It’s hard to teach taste. It’s also crucial to have it. Professional food tasters don’t just lick the food. They evaluate everything from texture to smell to the sound fajitas make when they reach your table. Design does the same for a brand. Taste is knowing what fits the brand and what doesn’t—down to the serifs on the fonts. Curation is using taste to make the choices that deliver on the brand’s promise.