Case Study

Bull Woods

Awakening the imagination through sound and image

Storyteller and story - designing a narrative

What if, instead of dropping kids in front of the TV, we lit their imagination on fire with audio story? Q Factor is a new medium for storytelling. It’s like Netflix for fictional audio series. A platform to bring the wonder of audio story to life anywhere there’s a speaker. We were hired to pull together a righteous team to brand, concept, and bluesky design for the Q Factor concept. We even created custom illustrations for the very first story, Bull Woods.

Draw the world to life

We love Bull Woods. We read the transcripts, and as parents and kids-at-heart understood it and believed it immediately. It was pure joy to bring the characters and personalities to life. Fathom & Draft builds teams for every one of our projects, and for Bull Woods we pulled in our good friend and compatriot Justin Gerard. Together we imaginated (cool new word we just made up) a landscape, aesthetic, and personality for Bull Woods. The digital cover art came to life to give kiddos a way to dip their toes into the life of forest and animals the audio story.

I will be a brand.

As a concept, Q Factor needed a face — a visual identity for the world to get to know. We love taking ideas and building brands from them. Q Factor needs people — people need Q Factor. There’s a lot of quirk and quality to show off. Q Factor’s new face to shows off a timeless mark that stands on its own, staking it’s claim in the entertainment industry. That’s why we created a story-lover's brand concept complete with wordmark, logo, visual emotion, and custom iconography.


Q Factor is a bright new concept to bring stories to life for families who want something better than just another TV babysitter. We are really proud of the work we pulled together. We delivered illustration, brand, and website concepts to wake this idea into being.

What we did
  • Art Direction
  • Brand design
  • Hand-drawn and digital illustration
  • Web design