Case Study


Taking a breathe of fresh air in world saturated with noise

Prioritizing the present, giving back your attention

You hear that? It’s the sound of silence. Of peace. What if we could have that more often? What if our phones could work for us instead of against us? What if they could be tools to improve our meditative, thoughtful life rather than sucking away our energy and attention? Siempo is the phone that wants to let you be yourself - hardware and software designed for a simplified digital experience. We helped Siempo find its narrative, facilitating the marketing and shaping the brand.

Strategery for a new kind of relationship with your phone

Cynicism is for old men trying to keep kids off their lawns. We know people can change. But we also know change doesn’t happen overnight. People need to believe in the possibility of transformation. Need to feel connected to the cause. Siempo had its product and its idea, but it didn’t have its story. It needed a narrative to guide it into being.

Becoming who you want to be

Most of us will never be zen masters, and that’s not what we want. But maybe we can be a bit better. A bit more aware. A bit more in tune. Positioned as a shift in lifestyle, the Siempo brand was crucial. A brand is a promise that outlives individual products. Brands build followings, they build community. We helped refine the concept of Siempo, clarifying their core values, their brand, and their voice.


Siempo is a smartphone built with mindfulness as its goal. Fathom & Draft partnered with the company to handle branding, design, and marketing materials.

What we did
  • Research & Design
  • Product Workshopping
  • Branding
  • Videography
  • Copywriting Governance
  • Website Design
  • Website Design