Case Study


Dousing your inbox with a refreshing wave of customization

A company renews its focus - renovating through design

We don’t know how to put this… but MailChimp is kind of a big deal when it comes to email. Calling them mail champs would be a bad pun. But sometimes we like those. And we always like the opportunity to maximize an already great reputation. Looking at their colossal email list, MailChimp wanted to do something spectacular. They wanted to reinvigorate inboxes. To push the bounds of what could and should be done in email. Definitely our kind of job. We collaborated with MailChimp’s already powerhouse design team to refocus on its agency market, exploring unique interactions inside email clients and creating cutting-edge designs.

Look pretty and work well, too.

Beauty should transcend technology. It shouldn’t get mangled in digital jaws. We can’t let tech take a big ol’ pixel dump on what we’re trying to view. From smartphone to tablet to browser, a platform should be the runway not the road block. We know this in our bones, and MailChimp does, too. Our friends at MailChimp wanted a new look for their agency newsletters — one that would stay stunning on any platform. In our design exploration, we included email development and ideation for new best practices, regardless of email client or browser.

Tearing down walls, building a vision

Renovation can be challenging. We’ve all spent at least a few too many hours watching HGTV and refreshing our own homes. We know to expect the unexpected. We know that chasing a new look will push us outside our comfort zone. We tackle that gnarly beast head on. We charted new paths in this project, laying the design cornerstone for a massive new email campaign that’s proved to be a tone-setter for this iteration of MailChimp’s brand.


MailChimp is a massive email marketing automation platform with 1.2 million users in 158 countries. This crew jumped at the chance to give their templates a new look and interaction. We partnered with their branding team to develop a series of unique templates and designs for their marketing team.
What we did
  • Research & Design
  • Visual Design
  • Email Marketing Strategy
  • Code Development