Case Study

Simplified Building

Even the most humble building blocks deserve their day in the sun

Sustainable design; renovating for long term growth

Like watching a movie you haven’t seen since childhood (and falling in love with it all over again), we got to look at our work on Simplified with a fresh set of eyes. We got to put one of our favorite principles into practice and renovate our own design. As their business expanded to multilingual markets, their design systems needed an upgrade. Convinced by the quality of our first work with them, they brought it back to us to reimagine on a global scale.

Making it bigger

Simplified Building and its sister website, Simplified Safety, needed a scalable, sustainable system. They needed design that was flexible, that could seamlessly shift into 10 different languages. They needed a blueprint for unbounded expansion. And they needed a way to make pipe fittings and PVC components engaging. (Because, I mean, come on… pipe fittings.)

A responsive design to serve users on any device

It’s all well and good to get your pictures hung on the wall, but we want to give you the hammer. We want to make the tools you need, not just hand you some pretty objects. Looking beyond a simple end product, we developed a system for Simplified. Creating new page designs with better content hierarchy, layout, and responsive styles, we handed off a way of serving the customers that Simplified could put into practice with any product. On any platform. Shopping Simplified became a single experience regardless of platform or place in the world.

Intentional design where it matters most

Customers come first. If design isn’t serving the customer, it isn’t doing its job. We worked with Simplified to streamline user experiences and offer an inviting aesthetic every step of the way. We curated the options, made choices incremental, and helped the customer get exactly what they need. From button colors to typography, we tweaked and tinkered until we got Simplified right.


Simplified Building is an online resource supply company for pipe fittings and creative building project ideas. Fathom & Draft redesigned their website to allow them to grow their user base.
What we did
  • Website Design
  • Content Strategy