There's not much better than hustling for our clients and seeing real business value come out of it. Here's some of that hustle.

Parker Media

Private equity shouldn’t be managed from a spreadsheet

Parker Media has worked with Fathom & Draft since 2015. Our latest project addresses the antiquated systems for handling private equity portfolio management. It’s baffling to us that Google spreadsheets are still used to track and manage millions and millions of investment dollars. Is it too complex a problem to solve? We didn’t think so. Let us at ‘em coach!


Designing for global e-commerce doesn't mean bloated process

Walmart keeps coming back to Fathom & Draft for our ability to be lighter and more nimble than the massive agencies that usually entangle process and operate on high margins. We are able to tackle projects black-ops style to get work done efficiently across platforms, both digital and physical interfaces.

Gates Foundation

Big foundations deserve strong foundations

The Gates Foundation engaged us to work with our friends at Forum One to design out a new Gates Foundation design direction. It’s difficult to balance legacy with a hope to strive for something waking and new. These are the kinds of tensions that Fathom & Draft is known for handling with grace.


So the Postal Service needs tools to find creative? Let’s ship that.

When the USPS needed a web tool to quickly find their creative assets and get those to the right people lickety-split, Fathom & Draft was en route for the job. The numbers of packages and types of assets were wildly varied—just like the packages USPS ships.


MIT should think about admissions like, well...MIT

MIT was printing applications with giant essays that were 75-pages long and then having many multiple professors edit on them with unique syntax. We designed a full iPad system that allowed for applications to be read and annotated. Our breakthrough design for the 1st generation iPad set the tone for similar software design for years to come.

Seth Godin

Even a meme community can haz thoughtful design.

We saw Seth Godin speaking at our beloved Brooklyn Beta web conference and knew we needed to work with him. We followed up and pestered him till he let us have a go at working on a meme generation community interface. As usual, Godin foresaw way in advance what memes would mean to the internet.