Case Study

Relay Foods

Getting your grub on - locally,
organically, and sustainably

Designing for growth, serving the customer

Farmers markets are awesome. We love us some local kombucha. But sometimes we just can’t drag ourselves downtown on a Saturday morning. Sometimes we want sustainable beef in winter. Relay Foods wanted to help people feed themselves well from home. They wanted to grow from a quirky e-CSA into an approachable e-commerce contender. With venture backing, Relay Foods envisioned a future as an online grocery experience supporting customers in the health, wellness, and sustainable living market. And we were stoked to help them get there.

Getting business done

E-commerce can be a beast. Like a giant cow with sharp teeth. Factor in the needs of customers with dietary restrictions and taste preferences, and you can see why Relay Foods brought in the big guns for strategy, rebranding, and deep dive work on mobile and web. Shifting their brand entirely, we designed for scalability. During our time with them, we saw the customer base grow from 8,000 to over 50,000. How you like them apples?

Making a big splash with a small team

With Relay Foods, we got to bring our versatility to the table. We gave it a voice. We gave it an image. We designed the front. We coded the back. We wrapped the trucks real purty and picked out the swag. And maybe most importantly, we built their team. Implementing design leadership, we grew the Relay Foods design team from a core of 3 designers and developers to a specialized crew of ____. Capable of designing and shipping weekly updates.

Will you be my BFF?

Brand, meet customer. Customer, meet brand. Love at first sight? We hope so. Our work with Relay Foods probably went so well because we believe what they believe. We want you to be well. We want you to feel valued. We want customers to feel cared for in every step of the online experience. The new branding for Relay reflected all that: a more inviting aesthetic, more personable details, a more welcoming space.


Relay Foods is an online grocery store that works with local distributors and farmers. Like an acorn becoming an oak, we grew the company with design leadership, complete re-branding, and a beautiful web presence.

What we did
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Logo Development
  • User Experience Design
  • Mobile & Desktop Web
  • Ecommerce Design
  • Copywriting
  • Strategy
  • Product Design Systems